Oswego County, NY
Pioneer Search & Rescue Team
Since 1971, we are ready to be called upon for the residents of Oswego County,
and throughout the state of New York! 24/7, 365 days of the year!!

Oswego County Search & Rescue Team
SAR Academy 2018

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Applications can be found below
Interested in helping to search for lost and missing persons?


The Oswego County Search and Rescue Team, in conjunction with Onondaga County Wilderness Search & Rescue Team,
will be hosting a 2018 Search & Rescue Academy.

The academy will compromise of approximately 100 hours of training to be a skilled Search & Rescue Team member.

The academy will consist of a mixture of class room instruction, in-the-field training, and independent study.
New recruits will become certified in NYS DEC Basic search skills, CPR, Project Lifesaver, and Wilderness First-Aid.  Recruits will also be
trained in Search Procedures, Map & Compass, Land Navigation, and GPS.

Click HERE to fill out an application for the 2018 Search & Rescue Team